Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our baby- the model

So yesterday I was wandering around the exhibit hall at the Southern Baptist Convention that's here in town when I came across a booth that was offering FREE sonograms! Basically, they were a group with the North American Mission Board that works with pregnancy centers and their new mission is to put ultrasound machines in these centers in the hopes that women who can see their baby would choose to keep their baby. Anyway, long story short, these people asked if they could have a picture of my baby to put up on a screen at their booth to try to get people to donate money... and here he/she is!

It was really fun since our last ultrasound was at 10 weeks and this was at 18 weeks... AND it was a great preview for what we're going to get to see at our 19 week ultrasound next Monday. William wasn't able to be there, but my friends Kelly and Kendall were able to come and watch the whole ultrasound live on the screen! So exciting! I asked the ultrasound tech to NOT tell me whether or not she could determine the baby's gender since William wasn't able to be there, but hopefully we'll find that out next week!

On the home front, there isn't a whole lot to show from last week. They added our electrical, pipes, and air conditioner/heat pump, threw in our bathtubs/shower floor, and put up the insulation on the exterior walls. But THIS week, they'll be putting up the drywall and adding the siding and brick to the outside... so we should have some great pictures to post next week!

I'm scheduled to take my physical therapy board exam on the 19th... so my life recently has been revolving around studying for that! It's really frustrating because they make the practice exams super-hard and so everyone fails them (or comes really close to it) and your test analysis reveals you are "incompetent" in most categories... but apparently you can still pass the real test without any problems! I think it's fairly insane. And not fair. I should feel like I've learned something the past 3 years... but I don't! :)

So we're heading to St. Louis on Friday for the weekend and to prepare for our dr.'s appointment on Monday... I'll be sure to post before I go to bed Monday night with the information you're all dying to know- boy or girl?!


Andy and Kelly said...

Yay for baby Clarvrey! :D (I know we don't have too much time left until we know what you're having, but in the mean time, i'll combine the names :D) Anyways, we had SO much fun seeing the baby on the screen! it was such a cool thing! DEFINATELY a better advertising gig than that rubber baby thing they were giving away, WHICH, by the way, I have pulled out of my purse at very opportune moments to freak Andy out! :D Yes, the Convention was very worth while ;) Anyways, hope you're having a great night of pizza, mario cart, and falling asleep on the couch...wait, that was me :D

Anonymous said...

I think I see a strong family resemblance to Clarvrey's uncle Cletus.