Monday, June 16, 2008

It's a GIRL!

So the big news first: we found out today that we're having a baby girl! We're going to name her Avery Kate and she is measuring right on target- 19.3 weeks (I'm 19 weeks 2 days today) and 11.4 ounces. It was fun to have an hour-long ultrasound and get to look at every little thing! Of course, she would not lie in the right position like they needed her to and we ended up having a doctor and a resident come in and look at Avery's heart in person- but everything ended up looking completely normal and all the measurements looked fine! I asked the ultrasound tech how sure she was at her gender prediction and she said that she wouldn't have told us "girl" unless she was completely sure... and then rated her confidence at "above 95%". I think that's pretty good :)

The bad news of the day is the pictures they printed off for us are REALLY dark and you can't see much of anything (the machine/paper was different?) but I'll scan them onto the computer tomorrow and see what I can do with them. The second bad news is that they wouldn't let us use our snazzy new camcorder to tape any of the ultrasound, so we really are without any documentation to share! Looks like Avery wants everything to be a surprise.... :)

The good news is William used the new camcorder to tape a tour of the house! They finished the drywall and added the spray-on texture... the video was too long to put directly on the blog, so I'll splice it up and add them tomorrow!


Nathan said...

Congratulations!! Avery is a great name! We find out in a week and a half what we're having.

Manda said...

Congratulations, Megan! Mine and Kevin's baby is a little girl too -- but I'm 30 weeks along and she still doesn't have a name. :) Your mom visited this weekend and told me about your new church, etc. I'm so excited for you and William and all that's going on in your lives!

The Pink Potpourri said...

congratulations! a little girl :) that is so exciting! and i love the name avery!

Dennis and Danielle said...

You''ll love dressing her up, and playing with her hair - I know I do that with Natalie :)