Sunday, June 29, 2008

Picture Post

So this is going to be a post full of pictures!

They finally stained the spindles on the staircase!

Our front door is now painted, but it needs another coat.

Lights are installed throughout the house now. Here are the recessed lights in the kitchen and the fixture for over the table in the breakfast area.

They installed our vinyl flooring this week in the foyer, mudroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and utility room!

Here is our stained mantle.

Here is the mudroom with the vinyl and cabinet. There will be hooks on the wood strip.

Pantry doors!

And last, but not least- Cosmo likes to cuddle with baby Avery (he had fallen into the crack of the couch and couldn't get up!)

Friday, June 27, 2008

A tiny update

This week has just flown by! Hopefully I'll be able to start seeing little patients next week, which will help the time fly by a little faster :)

They painted the interior of the house this week (white- nothing exciting) and stained the spindles on the stairs and the mantle (I think). They also added tile to the shower area of the master bathroom! We'll have to get pictures of those few things...

Pregnancy is going well! I can feel Avery move around more and more... which is always exciting, but not always enjoyable... :) I think on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the easiest pregnancy ever, I might be at a 1.5 thus far! It really has been easy- my only complaints being some not-so-bad nausea in the beginning, fatigue, and now reflux! It makes me thankful, especially when I hear about how women usually get so, so sick when they're pregnant with girls!

Again, since it's Friday, it's free-giveaway day on my friend Allison's blog! Check it out from the list on the right!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We've registered!

Yesterday afternoon we went and registered at Target and Babies "R" Us! I've added links to those websites on the right-hand side of the blog. You can put in mine and/or William's name and find our lists pretty easily! If you do buy a gift, please include a gift receipt! It makes it a lot easier to exchange items we may receive.

While yardsale-ing with my friend Kelly about a month ago, I met a nice family with 3 girls- a 5 year-old and a set of 2 year-old twins! Their garage was FULL of baby clothes! They had all the clothes from their first daughter and didn't re-use any of it with the twins, because they wanted 2 of everything... therefore, they pretty much had 3 full sets of little girl clothing. Anyway, I kept in touch with them in case we had a girl and this morning, Kelly and I went to their house and spent 2 hours going through plastic tubs full of clothes! In all, I think we got 8-10 walmart-sized plastic sacks stuffed full of nice baby clothes, shoes, bibs, gowns, onsies, and sleepsacks ranging in size from 0-18 months for $50! WOW! Not to mention, it was a lot of fun... :)

I think Avery is going to enjoy being spoiled by all of our wonderful friends and family!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Sunday Surprise

On our way to meet our friends Kelly and Andy for church this morning, we noticed there were people working on our house... on Sunday?! We knew that people sometimes came in to work on Saturdays, but we had not noticed them working on a Sunday before. Anyway, we went by after church to see what they had done.... and our kitchen was put together! They put in all our cabinets and counter tops (but we don't think they're quite finished yet). Here is what it looks like:

View from the living room into the kitchen... complete with Andy, Kelly, and I!

The big hole is where the double oven will go... and they are going to stain the spindles and the mantle on the fireplace to match the cabinets

LOVE the shelves on the island... and there is an overhang so you can put stools under there.

Picture without people in it... :)

These are the counters/cabinets in the master bathroom

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Halfway Done!

Today marks my 20th week of pregnancy... that means we're halfway done! The first half has flown by... I don't know if I'm lucky enough for the second half to go as fast. Here are some belly pictures that we took yesterday:

When we went by the house today, SURPRISE! They added our brick surround to the fireplace as well as the mantle (which has not been stained yet)

Friday, June 20, 2008

About the board exam...

WOW! I've been posting a lot lately! It's been a busy week :)

I took my board exam yesterday. I took a 250 question test that determines the rest of my career in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I did not feel well about it. Let's just say I had a gazillion questions on something I don't have THAT much experience with and only spent 4 hours of class time on. Ugh. Well this morning, out of curiosity I logged on to the FSBPT website and it said: License approved for the state of Indiana! WOW! I passed! So the next step would be for Indiana to get their paperwork together and actually assign me a license. So out of further curiosity, I got onto the Indiana license search website and put in my name and what pops up? MY LICENSE NUMBER! I took the stinkin' test YESTERDAY and I have a license TODAY! Woohoo! I wish I had a patient to treat- simply because I can! :)

So that's been my exciting morning! I think this afternoon William and I are going to go look at the progress on the house (they delivered our doors and cabinets yesterday!) and go see "Get Smart" (I heart Steve Carrell)... I'll let you know how it is!

Oh! A friend of mine from OBU, Allison has a really fun blog that she updates on weekdays and each day has a theme: Fridays are free-giveaway Fridays! You can link to her blog from the list to the right! Go check it out!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

House Tour- 06.16.08

I got William's tour of the house uploaded onto YouTube (finally)!
Here's the first one:

And here's the rest of it:

Now for an advertisement: I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new camcorder! We got this one!

It's a JVC camera that records onto a hard drive. It's so small and light and easy to use, plus it came with a DVD burner that you just plug straight into the camera! (We ended up getting this one because our friends, the Panduku's had just bought it and liked it a lot)

As for the ultrasound pictures, I'm not optimistic. I'm going to be busy studying for my board exam today (since I take it in the morning), so I'll try to edit them tomorrow!

Monday, June 16, 2008

It's a GIRL!

So the big news first: we found out today that we're having a baby girl! We're going to name her Avery Kate and she is measuring right on target- 19.3 weeks (I'm 19 weeks 2 days today) and 11.4 ounces. It was fun to have an hour-long ultrasound and get to look at every little thing! Of course, she would not lie in the right position like they needed her to and we ended up having a doctor and a resident come in and look at Avery's heart in person- but everything ended up looking completely normal and all the measurements looked fine! I asked the ultrasound tech how sure she was at her gender prediction and she said that she wouldn't have told us "girl" unless she was completely sure... and then rated her confidence at "above 95%". I think that's pretty good :)

The bad news of the day is the pictures they printed off for us are REALLY dark and you can't see much of anything (the machine/paper was different?) but I'll scan them onto the computer tomorrow and see what I can do with them. The second bad news is that they wouldn't let us use our snazzy new camcorder to tape any of the ultrasound, so we really are without any documentation to share! Looks like Avery wants everything to be a surprise.... :)

The good news is William used the new camcorder to tape a tour of the house! They finished the drywall and added the spray-on texture... the video was too long to put directly on the blog, so I'll splice it up and add them tomorrow!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

House updates!

They finally added siding and brick to the outside of our house!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our baby- the model

So yesterday I was wandering around the exhibit hall at the Southern Baptist Convention that's here in town when I came across a booth that was offering FREE sonograms! Basically, they were a group with the North American Mission Board that works with pregnancy centers and their new mission is to put ultrasound machines in these centers in the hopes that women who can see their baby would choose to keep their baby. Anyway, long story short, these people asked if they could have a picture of my baby to put up on a screen at their booth to try to get people to donate money... and here he/she is!

It was really fun since our last ultrasound was at 10 weeks and this was at 18 weeks... AND it was a great preview for what we're going to get to see at our 19 week ultrasound next Monday. William wasn't able to be there, but my friends Kelly and Kendall were able to come and watch the whole ultrasound live on the screen! So exciting! I asked the ultrasound tech to NOT tell me whether or not she could determine the baby's gender since William wasn't able to be there, but hopefully we'll find that out next week!

On the home front, there isn't a whole lot to show from last week. They added our electrical, pipes, and air conditioner/heat pump, threw in our bathtubs/shower floor, and put up the insulation on the exterior walls. But THIS week, they'll be putting up the drywall and adding the siding and brick to the outside... so we should have some great pictures to post next week!

I'm scheduled to take my physical therapy board exam on the 19th... so my life recently has been revolving around studying for that! It's really frustrating because they make the practice exams super-hard and so everyone fails them (or comes really close to it) and your test analysis reveals you are "incompetent" in most categories... but apparently you can still pass the real test without any problems! I think it's fairly insane. And not fair. I should feel like I've learned something the past 3 years... but I don't! :)

So we're heading to St. Louis on Friday for the weekend and to prepare for our dr.'s appointment on Monday... I'll be sure to post before I go to bed Monday night with the information you're all dying to know- boy or girl?!