Tuesday, June 17, 2008

House Tour- 06.16.08

I got William's tour of the house uploaded onto YouTube (finally)!
Here's the first one:

And here's the rest of it:

Now for an advertisement: I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new camcorder! We got this one!

It's a JVC camera that records onto a hard drive. It's so small and light and easy to use, plus it came with a DVD burner that you just plug straight into the camera! (We ended up getting this one because our friends, the Panduku's had just bought it and liked it a lot)

As for the ultrasound pictures, I'm not optimistic. I'm going to be busy studying for my board exam today (since I take it in the morning), so I'll try to edit them tomorrow!


The Pink Potpourri said...

wow! your house is incredible! and i absolutely love your new video camera. that will come in handy in the months to come :)

be sure to swing by my page this weekend...its free giveaway time!

Whitney said...

HEY! I found your site through Allison! How are you?? Oh, I have that SAME video camera and love, love, LOVE it. I have been recording everything. But mine is silver...yours is MUCH cuter. I didn't know they had pink! Congrats on baby Higgins!!!!!!!