Sunday, June 29, 2008

Picture Post

So this is going to be a post full of pictures!

They finally stained the spindles on the staircase!

Our front door is now painted, but it needs another coat.

Lights are installed throughout the house now. Here are the recessed lights in the kitchen and the fixture for over the table in the breakfast area.

They installed our vinyl flooring this week in the foyer, mudroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and utility room!

Here is our stained mantle.

Here is the mudroom with the vinyl and cabinet. There will be hooks on the wood strip.

Pantry doors!

And last, but not least- Cosmo likes to cuddle with baby Avery (he had fallen into the crack of the couch and couldn't get up!)

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Andy and Kelly said...

wow! everything looks great! i love the stain on the mantle and the stairs!