Monday, April 21, 2008

Not a great start

Sorry it's taken me so long to post... it's been a really busy week!! It started out with a doctor's appointment last Tuesday morning. The ultrasound was way more fun this time around. The first time was cool, because you could see the little flicker of the heartbeat, but everything else was just a blob. This time, we could not only see the heartbeat, but arms and legs waving and kicking around! I was surprise how much he/she was moving!!! Here's an ultrasound pic:

If you look closely, you can see that the baby is lying on its back, the super-huge head is on the left and you can see arms and legs and even the embryonic tail! (yes, my child has a tail... for now) So since the baby was a lot bigger than last time, they got a better measurement and estimated my due date to now be November 8th. I updated the ticker at the top :)

Wednesday night was skit night at school. Every year, the graduating PT class creates/videotapes skits relating to funny things that happened over the past 3 years, or lightly making fun of each other and our wonderful faculty and staff. This year was rumored to be the best ever... we were pretty good! :) Maybe once I get the DVD I can post some of the funnier videos so you can get a better idea.

Friday morning we headed to Noblesville, Indiana (our future home) to pick out all the tiny details of our new house! Carpet, tile, cabinets, faucets, fixtures... it all had to be done. I think we did a pretty good job, and were VERY efficient! I tried really hard to be decisive and not just say "I don't know... what do you think?"

Starting Sunday night, my run-through week has started! This is the 3rd year for the Washington University Med School Musical and it is a blast! This year we're performing Bye Bye Birdie (with a modern twist) and we open on Thursday night. It's a little bit complicated by the fact that this is also my last week of school (EVER!) and I'm trying to get last minute projects and presentations finished. Yikes! I'll close with a couple of more pictures...

PT08 class photo in Forest Park

William and I with our friends Kassie (a classmate of mine) and her fiance Clint at skit night

Skit night: PT08 and faculty/staff that were there that night

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Uh oh...

So, it's started... about a week and a half ago, I was driving home from target when it hit me... the dreaded pregnancy sickness! The persistent nausea has hit me every day since then between the hours of 3 and 5 in the afternoon. However, I've managed to prevent actually getting "sick"! If I eat something salty, it helps keep the nausea under control. So much for avoiding it...

Things are definitely changing! I can't wear any of my non-stretchy waist pants and I'm having to wear a tummy sleeve pretty much all the time now, but they're great! It's just a stretchy material shaped like a tube top that you put around the top of your pants/belly and it makes it to where you don't have to button your pants, and it just looks like you're wearing a cami! They need to market these to the ever-expanding waistlines across the country... I'll post a pic of it at some point.

I go back to the doctor on Tuesday. Hopefully they'll be able to confirm a due date.
Oh, and William is doing well, too! :) He's staying pretty busy by planning the logistics of our move on the 30th. We're going to Indiana on the 18th/19th for some house-building meetings, which should be fun... then after all that, all that's left is for me to graduate on May 16th!

Keep us in your prayers for our doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and that we don't get too stressed about the move... and I'll try to dig up some pictures to post!