Monday, May 26, 2008

Framing Pictures and Predictions

Hello again! Since I hadn't posted in 3 weeks, I decided 2 posts within a couple of days was in order! Yesterday, Ann, mother of by OBU friend Kelly, made her official prediction on the gender of our baby (she worked in an ob-gyn's office for a while): she predicts a girl! I hear, she's pretty accurate.. :)
We went by the house today to take some pictures of the inside, and knew some of you wanted to see them, so here they are!

Upstairs: standing in master bedroom looking into bathroom/closet

View out master bedroom window

Looking down the stairs

Formal dining/living room looking out the front windows

View from back door to front door

View from living room into garage

Game room/loft upstairs

View from the top of the stairs: loft and bedrooms

View from the loft loking back toward the stairs. That's the laundry room that has some drywall in it


View from the garage into the living room. That's the fireplace in the back left corner of the living room

View from front door to back door

view from formal living/dining are toward living room

Standing in kitchen looking toward living room

Standing in living room looking toward kitchen

That's all, kids! More to come later....


Andy and Kelly said...

yay!!! Thanks for updating! those are great pictures, and very accurate! :D We had a great time Sunday night, and we liked the movie we borrowed, too! (don't worry, we'll return it!) ok, see you soon!

Allie Parker said...

happy birthday to you! well, nothing big, but your prize is candy! so what is your favorite kind of candy, and i'll mail it to kelly (since you don't have a "mailbox" at your new house yet :)