Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sleeping arrangements... and a video!

So we've learned that Avery does not like to lie flat on her back, but prefers an incline. We think lying on an incline makes the gas less painful for her, so she's more comfortable. So the sleeping arrangement is this: swaddled, placed in the boppy pillow, in the bassinet

And a video for you all to enjoy:


Lo said...

i found your blog thru glam life of a house wife- and i check in occassionally.

oh my word! that video was so cute. you two are so blessed to have such a gorgeous little girl.

i wish nothing but the best for both of you!

and her expressions??? oh my word, hilarious!!!

Shan said...

she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Mandy k said...

That freakin made me tear up!! How CUTE is she!! Although the whole time I was trying to figure out who she resembles most and for the most part I would say Will...sorry;) but then there were a few things that were like you too...she is beautiful! Wish I was closer to you!