Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's getting closer!

Well, today's the day! At 7pm est, we will arrive at the maternity center to start the induction! Please keep us in your prayers. We'll try to keep the blog and my facebook page updated :)

Oh, and I think I changed it to where anyone can leave a comment. I've gotten some complaints that people have tried to, but couldn't.... that shouldn't be a problem anymore!


Wilson Family said...

WOO-HOO! We will be praying for all 3 of you! We look forward to hearing about Avery's arrival!

The Potters said...

Just trying to see if I can actually post now!

Also, to say, the potter's are praying for all of you. God's strength and wisdaom and peace. his protection over you and the hospital staff, may they tend to you and your family with love and compassion.

We will be thrilled to hear of Avery's arrival and the many, many blessings that God showers your way as you expereince this wonderful adventure! "Devote yourself to prayer, being watchful and thankful." Col. 4:2
"Not to us oh Lord, not to us, but to Your Name be the Glory for Your great love and faithfulness." Psalm 115:1
Love, Ann and Steve Potter

Andy and Kelly said...

we are SO excited! we saw Kenny and Anna and the boys at Marsh last night, and we gushed about how we can't wait for Avery to get here, and for all of us to get to hang out together at the hospital :)

Alright, so here are my other photo requests (as if I couldn't just walk down the street and see it for myself ;) but I won't intrude on family time :D) ...ALL of the stuff that you're bringing to the hospital, one last picture of JUST you and William-the two original Higgins, her nursery before she gets here :), and of course your "I'm about to pop" belly pic! :)

We are SO excited!