Tuesday, October 7, 2008

4 more weeks...

Time is flying by so fast! I went to the doctor yesterday and here's the updates:

1- I am no longer measuring 2 weeks too small. I measured 35 weeks yesterday- perfect!
2- Things are starting to change... I am dilated a fingertip! Woohoo!
3- Avery's heart rate was 144 beats/minute- perfect again!
4- I made my reservation at the hospital :) If she has not made her appearance by Monday, November 3rd, I will be admitted at 7pm that night to start some low-dose preparation and then start the induction on Tuesday morning, November 4th (that's 4 weeks from today!!). Looks like we'll have an election day baby! Hopefully she won't take more than a day to get here... I can't eat once they start Tuesday morning and if she takes that long, I'll be one hungry, unhappy chick.

This past Saturday, my wonderful friends hosted a baby shower for us! I actually don't have any pictures, just video (which I'll try to get uploaded this weekend)... but you can head over to Kelly Smith's blog (via the link to the right) to look at the pictures she posted from the event!

In other news, we are so excited that our church-planting team is together again! Kenny and Anna and their boys have officially joined us here in Noblesville and now things can really get going! We've missed them terribly and it's really nice to be able to see them several times a week :)

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