Monday, September 22, 2008

Avery update, Swap packages, and I've been tagged!

It seems the things to blog about just keep adding up!!

We went to the doctor on Friday for our 33 week check-up. I was measuring a little small, but the doctor wasn't too concerned... it just means we get another ultrasound at 36 weeks :) I also talked to her about my maternity leave- since I had to pick fixed dates due to the nature of my job, I am not working from November 1 to January 1. This could be problematic if Avery decided to come 2 weeks late :) My wonderful doctor said that she's willing to induce anytime after 39 weeks which means that if Avery hasn't come by November 3, we'll be inducing that week! YAY! For those of you who know my love of scheduling, it's nice to be able to put it on my calendar...

In other news, I received my swap package from Elizabeth today! Through my friend Allison's blog, I was paired up with Elizabeth with the task to mail 3 of our favorite things to each other! It was so exciting to get this box in the mail! When I opened the box, this is what slid out:

Such a cute bag, eh?
And here is what was inside: 2 PRECIOUS onsies for Avery, Burt's Bee's lip gloss, a Yankee Candle (Pumpkin Pie- a perfect present for the first day of fall) and a wonderful cookbook with easy recipies!
This is how excited I was: Thanks, Elizabeth! I loved it!! :)
Elizabeth also tagged me on her blog! So here are my 7 weird facts:
1. I have several odd recurring dreams. Mostly, I often dream that I am losing my teeth. This is not usually the focus of the dream, just one aspect of it. The teeth don't just fall out... they crack into several pieces first- then fall out. When I wake up, I'm usually surprised to find that all my teeth are still present and accounted for.... I fully expect there to be gaps. I only know one other person who dreams about this: Whitney (who confessed it when tagged on her blog) :) This may stem from #3 (see below) or the fact that I crumbled my two front teeth in 6th grade when I face-planted while rollerblading.

2. I compulsively organize collections. For example, my CD's are organized alphabetically, then oldest -> newest within a single artist or collection. Also, they must all be facing with the picture oriented in the correct direction. No sideways or upside-down CD's here! Oddly enough, I organize my movies by genre, not alphabetically... but sequels always go together. In chronological order.

3. I am obsessed with clean teeth. Maybe this is where my recurring dream stems from. I brush my teeth generally twice before I even leave the house in the morning (once upon waking, and once after eating). My biggest complaint when we spend late evenings hanging out and snacking with our friends Kenny and Anna? That my teeth feel "fuzzy" and I desperately want to brush them. I love the dentist. :)

4. I hate the word "moist". It sounds just like what it means. It makes me cringe. Just say damp. Or wet. Or anything else that means the EXACT same thing. I also despise poor grammar (thanks, dad)- especially when people misuse "good" versus "well". I don't think anyone uses these words correctly.

5. When my brother was born, I was upset. I wanted a sister, not a rotten, stinky boy (I was 4 years, 1 month, and 28 days old). As a result, I would dress him in dresses, call him "Michelle", and teach him all things "girly"- especially ballet. He generally complied (except when I would ask him to do a jete, he insisted on flying around like an airplane) and eventually would voluntarily appear in a 5-layer slip that I wore under my "fancy" dresses- usually when we had company over for dinner. My dad put an end to this when my brother decided to start referring to himself as "Michelle". Sorry, dad... and Graham. Love you, bubby! :)

6. I am a planner and a scheduler- and this often backfires badly. I have the complete and total inability to "go with the flow" on a Saturday. I need a plan. Even if the plan is to do nothing, I need a plan. It stresses me out when my laid-back husband doesn't need a plan. Ever. That's 7 years of stress, people. However, this characteristic got me (and some of my friends) through college and graduate school. It makes me dependable. If someone didn't know what was going on, they could come to me and photocopy my planner :) Life just works better when you know what to expect.

7. I have an odd but super-fantastic memory (outside of pregnancy). I remember things that a lot of people don't. Funny moments with friends, what someone wore last Tuesday.... I remember them. It has proven embarassing when I say "Hey! Remember when...." and then noone else remembers. Maybe I'm just sentimental... a mental packrat. I don't like throwing away memories :) To help you all, I'll share my purposeful memorization strategy: If I need to remember something, I associate it with something I know I'm going to do. For example, if I need to remember to do some laundry, I think to myself several times, "When William calls to say he's on his way home from work, it will remind me to put a load of clothes in the washer." And voila! It works! I don't know if it really works for anyone else...

And that's it! I know I'm odd. I've known it my whole life... but here's who I want to tag:
Allison, Kelly, Dad, Rebecca, Sara, and the Pandukus!


Nate and Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad your package arrived in one piece and you enjoyed it! :) I actually got mine this afternoon but need to get the pictures from the camera to the computer. I'll do it first thing in the morning! :) Thank you so much, though!

I often dream of my teeth falling out. I read once that it's a sign of anxiety. I'm not sure how much stock I'd put in any dream book's interpretation, lol, but for what it's worth, that was it.

Also, I laughed when I read what you said about people misusing "well" and "good". I grew up with a mom (and grandma) who drilled it into my head (along with everything else that had to do with speaking properly) and the "good" vs. "well" issue is my biggest pet peeve. I married a man who couldn't care less but, fortunately, he loves me enough to make an effort. :)

Anonymous said...

I chuckled reading your comment about using damp or wet in place of moist because the first thing I thought of was moist cake....damp cake, wet

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I have the tooth dream too...weird! It usually comes when I feel like things are falling apart, or when I have too much to do and I feel overwhelemed. (sp)

The Pink Potpourri said...

so glad yougot your package and love it so much! that bag is beautiful and those outfits are too cute!