Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Visit from the Pandukus, Honeydew, and Pregnancy Pics!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! We've been busy getting the house/nursery ready and having our friends visit! Kenny and Anna and their 4 boys came to visit us last weekend so they could look for places to live. We didn't get any pictures of their 2 youngest boys... they were already in bed :)
Anna, Carson, and I hanging out in the living room

Caleb and Kenny

So the fruit of the month: honeydew! I am officially 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow (Friday). I noticed the ticker at the top of the blog is actually a day behind. I think it's because this year was leap year, so I've been pregnant a day longer than it thinks I have been :) This week is really the first week that I've felt uncomfortable. I'm still sleeping okay, but it's getting harder to move around... and tie my shoes! Also, Avery is finally big enough to differentiate between her back, bottom and legs by poking her from the outside.. it's a fun guessing game! The pictures below were taken last Sunday, at 32 weeks and 2 days. Sorry for the sweats... it was a lazy Sunday evening at home and I remembered I told my friend Kassie I would update the blog with new pictures of myself.... :)


The Pink Potpourri said...

you look great! glad to hear all is going well. your house looks amazing! hope you've settled in!

Andy and Kelly said...

I see you took my suggestion on the tag line!!! I can't help it, i'm just really good at rhyming ;D thanks for updating the prego pic! I just want this girl to get here!!!

Nate and Elizabeth said...

Two things - your package should be arriving today (or tomorrow morning if the USPS fails me :) amd you've been tagged on my blog. :)