Tuesday, June 16, 2009


as you can see... we have a crawler!! she's been working on this for awhile now, but today's the first day that she's been really consistent. 7 months, 11 days old, with 2 teeth, loves to say "da-da" and now, crawls!!

she's getting so big. i miss her being small and cuddly, but i love the little person she's becoming! :)


Kendall and Luke said...

whoo hoo!! So excited for her and it is such a blessing watching her develop and grow into such a fun, sweet, and loving girl! your family is one big blessing!

Serwa Chic said...

Hey Megan - I know this is totally random, but here goes: I have a good friend who has recently moved to the Indy area, and she and her husband have been looking for a church. She was reading on my Serwa Chic blog, and saw that you commented about Indy being super hot, so she clicked on your name and saw that you and your husband are a part of a church plant in that area. Since she can't figure out to comment, she was wondering what the name of your church plant is and if they could check it out. How's that for long winded and random? :)

Her name's Amanda Kester and her email address is: myredeemerlives01@hotmail.com, or you can always email me if you prefer at: serwachic@yahoo.com

And as a complete aside, my brother and his wife actually live in Noblesville. I've always thought that if we ever moved back home, Indy would be a great city to live.